Wooden Music Piano


It is an ideal toy to make your child smile and to develop a talent for music. Playing music can improve children’s creativity, musicality, colour recognition, hearing and grasping abilities.

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The wooden base of this melody musical instrument has a smooth surface and no sharp edges, which is safe for children to play with. The small xylophone is suitable for small hands of children.

The colour xylophone has 8 different colours, each colour represents a different tone. Rich colours can enhance children’s visual cognition. Babies tap 8 colourful metal keys to make high Intonation. They can stimulate their musical talents while playing.

Contains 3 music sheets, 6 classic children’s songs that help children learn music quickly and enhance the kid’s hand-eye coordination. The horizontal xylophone is a lightweight and portable special gift for children growth.



  • Material: Wooden, Metal
  • Weight: 420 g