Thick Brown Hair Doll


This doll will become your child’s best friend, it looks just like the real thing. Open up the care of others for your child with this wonderful doll that can be bathed, combed and change clothes.

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Structure: The head and limbs are made of imported environmentally-friendly vinyl, the body is cotton and very soft, the doll’s limbs can move, sit and lie, they can’t stand, they can’t talk.

Eyes: Dolls with open eyes are high-end acrylic eyes made in Taiwan, eyes do not blink. The closed eyes of the doll can’t open.
Clothing: Comes with a set of clothing as shown. If you need to change your own clothes, it is recommended to buy real clothes. Newborn or 0-3 months size.
Mouth: The lips seem to be a real baby, gentle, soft, warm and moist.
Nose: The nostrils are open as if the doll is breathing.
Nails: completely hand-painted, red nail bed and translucent nails, some nails white life half-moon shape
Skin: Leather is the most unique place for this doll. The designer spends a lot of time on the doll’s skin, making the skin more realistic than the production process. The colour does not fade after special treatment. Some children have pink faces on their faces.



  • Material: Vinyl, Cotton
  • Size: 42 cm