Six-Key Electronic Music Education Toy


The piano provides real music, and the product adds a fun and unique feature that surprises the kids. When the button is pressed, the star in the mating tube will pop out and fly inside the arch. With the development of music, this is a colourful visual effect!

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This product uses high-quality environmentally friendly materials, combined with rich and gentle colour matching to attract children’s attention and improve colours perception.

Music has always been a favourite of children. It is a pleasure for young children to beat, shake or knock on toys and listen to the causes and effects of music reactions.

Turn the switch to the left to enter mode 1 and play interesting background music. Pressing the button will pop the ball. Turn the switch to the middle to enter mode 2, press to play the movie music, random button to play the full music, continue to play the button to enter the next piece of music, a total of 5 songs.


  • Material: ABC Plastic
  • Size: 27 x 15 x 24.5 cm