RC Intelligent Electronic Dinosaur


This multi-functional dinosaur can turn, dance and follow your gestures. It’s easy to use and very fun!

The dinosaur has a sleep mode, if the dinosaur receives no instruction it will enter sleep mode automatically one minute later. Press any button on the remote control or reboot to wake up the dinosaur. Please do power off after use.

Turn on the dinosaur and touch the sensor on the head without other operating, the dinosaur’s eyes will turn green and go into follow mode, put your hand ahead of the dinosaur head, and the dinosaur will go forward following the gesture. If the dinosaur sense no gesture for 30 seconds, it will exit the gesture follow mode, and touch again will renter this mode.

Follow the button of the remote control, the power indicator of the remote control turns on and the dinosaur’s eyes turn green, the dinosaur begins to rotate and forage.

Spray: Open the water inlet cover on the dinosaur back, add pure water properly to the water inlet with the water vial and avoid overflow.

RC Intelligent Electronic Dinosaur