Plush Panda with Cub


By purchasing this cute panda with a cub, you will not only give your child a toy for entertainment, but he will also see tender feelings between mother and child, this instils family values well.

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Using premium plush fabric, it is soft and comfortable to touch. The filling is made of polypropylene cotton. The soft plush and soft round body make it the perfect pet doll for hugs.

Choose the size that’s right for you. Whether you like cute little toys or big ones, you can choose what you want.

This toy will be a great gift for children, friends and loved ones. It can be presented for any occasion, it will definitely please your dear people.

One wants to cuddle and hug this wonderful toy like a big panda mother hugs her little cub!



  • Material: PP cotton
  • Size: 20 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm