Parent-Child Game Toy Rainbow Dart


Play a variety of games with this dart and keep your child active. Engage people of all ages and play yourself!

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Made of premium quality foam materials, washable, durable, safe and soft to play. Spiral ridges in the foam make the ball easy to grip.

While you and your child are playing with the throwing rocket toy, you can teach them some basic physics basic knowledge and explain some phenomena to them, which may stimulate their interest in physics.

You can play with this toy in a variety of ways. You can place a large calibre basket away about 3 meters from kids, and kids can try to throw the rocket toy into the basket by the right and left hand. Kids can have a competition, who can throw the rocket farthest, who wins the game. Single exercise, you can find a spacious area, throwing the rocket towards the wall in front of you. When it rebounds, do your best to catch it immediately.


  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Size: 28 x 8 cm