Musical Rotating Rattles over the Crib


These hanging toys will sing different songs to the baby before bedtime, you don’t need to put the baby to bed a long time anymore! If desired, these rattles can be taken off for the child to play with them.

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This crib toy pendant has different modes. A total of 6 English songs, 5 natural sounds, and 150 beautiful melodies. Bring a comfortable environment suitable for sleeping babies.

Timing function: 20/40/60 minutes timing, the music box will be automatically closed at the time you set. The timer shutdown function creates an ideal sleeping environment for the baby.

These hanging toys are easy to fix and sit next to the crib. With the remote control, you can control all the functions. If you want to use any other functions without music, just press the “0” key with the remote control, and the music will stop immediately.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 830 g

Musical Rotating Rattles over the Crib