Multifunctional Stroller-Walkers


The interactive walker encourages your baby to take the first step by pushing the walker to learn to stand and walk, also practice their balance and develop their motor skills.

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The walker is made of safe and eco-friendly ABS material, which is smooth, burr-free and non-toxic. With an adjustable handle, the length of the wrist strap can be adjusted for babies of different heights.

The stable triangle structure effectively prevents the baby walker from turning over, and the force is evenly applied, which helps the baby to maintain body balance. The rear wheels are equipped with non-slip silicone pads.

These walkers will not only help your child learn to walk, but will also give him a lot of entertainment, and sound and musical effects will add more interest.


  • Plastic
  • Size: 46 x 11 34 cm
Multifunctional Stroller-Walkers