Model Wooden Houses of Different Styles


These cute dollhouses are made in completely different styles. A bookstore, a little cafe, a flower stall or a Christmas living room in general, choose whatever you like!

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Despite the different styles, these houses are made with the same quality and special attention to detail.

These dollhouses are not too difficult to assemble, but the kids need help with the process. Regardless of which model you choose, it will be very interesting to assemble this house. Once assembled, it will be a wonderful decoration for your home and will fit into your interior.

Each house is equipped with lighting. On a dark evening, when you turn on the light in this small house, you will be enchanted by the cosiness that this structure that you have assembled yourself will give you!


  • Metal, Wood, Resin
  • Weight: 620 – 720 g

Model Wooden Houses of Different Styles


Model Wooden Houses of Different Styles