Kitchen Set with Cooking Sounds


Super realistic kitchen set. Simulating water heating, cooking and cooking sounds will immerse your child in the cooking atmosphere and with the help of the water circulation system your child will learn to conserve water!

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These set toys are fully tested and certified according to the standards for toy safety.

Realistic light and sound effects, place the pot and pan on the stove, the stovetop burner lights up and makes realistic cooking sounds! Pour water into the hole in the side of the stove, the steam will come out from the pot!

Colour changing food, when kids put some part of the fittings in above 22°C or below 22°C water, the colour will change!

Running water, press the sink, the water will be pumped out, with a circulating water system which teaches kids to save water!

Role-playing, which improves colour recognition, kitchenware recognition and exercises hand-eye coordination ability and the ability of organization and storage.


  • Material: ABC
  • Size: 78 x 66 x 2 cm