Dollhouse with a Large Swimming Pool


This dollhouse requires an assembly process that will give you and your kids a fun process and beautiful home decoration, and this large pool will definitely play a major role in this!

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This house is made of quality materials that are safe for children and the environment. The cottage is like a scaled-down version of a real house, so cute! The material of the cottage is like a real house. For example, the cabinet is made of wood and the books are made of paper.

Suitable for people over 10 years old, and children under 10 need the help of adults to complete. It is a good opportunity to challenge yourself to complete all assembly, the finished house will give you a sense of achievement. Most important of all, to enjoy the process.

Each step of assembly is detailed in the English instruction with pictures.


  • Size: 29 x 24 x 21.5 cm
  • Weight: 1.6 kg



Dollhouse with a Large Swimming Pool