Dog Plush Pillow Toy


Cute stuffed animals for kids. The puppy has embroidered muzzle and eyes. And, the tummy of the hound is chubby and cuddly. It is perfect for a cuddle.

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These cute pillow toys are made of cloth and polypropylene cotton. Thick yet soft padding that allows you to lie on this pillow and enjoy the comfort. Soft, huggable body, quality craftsmanship, strong and sturdy interior structure.

The plushies are made entirely from cloth that is naturally breathable, never smells, and washable!

The squishy dog stuffed animal pillow doesn’t have any removable accessories or items that can be swallowed.

This pillow is available in both small and large sizes. Choose the right size for you and your baby.



  • Material: Cloth, Polypropylene Cotton
  • Size: 50 – 90 cm