Creative Simulation Baby Doll


The doll is made with special attention to detail to achieve maximum realism. She has absolutely everything realistic, from facial features to wrinkles on the skin.

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The head and limbs are made of imported soft silica gel, and the body is made of cotton, which is very soft.

The doll has movable legs and arms, it can sit, lie down and take part in the child’s games.

The doll is very realistic. The skin is a unique aspect of the baby doll, as every inch is hand-painted. The hair on the head is inserted by hand, it is very soft and pleasant. Hair can be washed and combed. The doll has pronounced facial features, her eyes look like real ones and every hair is visible on her eyebrows!


  • Material: Plastic, Silica Gel, Cotton
  • Size: 50 cm, 60 cm