Construction Engineering Cars Set


This set has 36 interesting components such as an excavator, bulldozer, loader, cement mixer truck, road roller, heavy tower crane, 2 workers, 26 roadblocks, engineering gamepad, traffic sign sticker.

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The truck toys are made of high-grade ABS plastic and alloy materials, which are non-toxic and resistant to fall and wear, allowing children to play happily and healthy.

High-quality truck sets and accessories provide interesting accessories for real game scenes. They increase children’s interest and creativity in learning and learning different types of vehicles.

The set not only provides professional and high-quality trucks, but also equips with a variety of accessories, including workers, roadblocks, and small stickers.

It can provide 3 children playing space and venues at the same time, multiple engineering scenes, can improve children’s hand-eye coordination and enhance imagination.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 1390 g