Colourful Pillow Glowing Music Rabbit


Present your child with this glowing musical bunny. It will decorate the nursery and will serve as an excellent lullaby with a pleasant glow for the baby.

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Light-emitting model: first install 3 AA batteries, there is a battery box in the zipper on the back of the toy, turn on the main power switch on the battery box, tap the toy to light up, and then shoot it off, with induction + countdown function, when not touching The 10-minute countdown is automatically turned off, and the seven colours are automatically switched randomly and cyclically when it is illuminated.

Luminous+Music: The operation of luminous is the same as above. When listening to music alone, you need to turn on the main switch on the battery box. There is a white earphone plug in the zipper bag of the battery box, plug it into the earphone jack of the mobile phone, and play music on the mobile phone. Music models refer to playback devices with 3.5MM audio output jacks that can be connected to various mobile phones, MP3, MP4, computers, recorders, point readers, PSPs, etc., which means that there is a sound function in the doll. Please see clearly: the doll itself has no music. The volume is not too loud, suitable for one or two people.
Maintenance method: Replace the battery in about 7-10 days for normal light-emitting, (depending on the battery power and frequency of use), if the sound of music is obviously reduced, the light is intermittent, etc. Please replace the battery in time. Toys cannot be washed, just wipe them with a wet towel and dry them.