Coloured Penguin Tower


Through this balanced play, children’s hands-on ability and eye-hand coordination will be effectively trained, laying the foundation for later learning.

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This is a balance game. First, put the tower in place (design it by yourself), then roll dice in turn. Penguins with the same colour as dice must be removed. Finally, whoever makes the tower collapse will lose.

Also, a child can simply build a tall tower of penguins by composing them by colour, this will also be interesting for him.

The mixing of various bright colours helps to strengthen the child’s ability to distinguish between colours and at the same time allows the child to concentrate.

The whole set of toys are made of plastic material, with a smooth surface, reasonable curve, no sharp protrusions, and no safety hazards, taking care of children’s tender hands.



  • Plastic
  • Weight: 450 g