Children’s Cash Register in a Supermarket


Features include a pop-out register drawer, a working calculator, and a credit card swiping slot. Fun sound effects and bright, playful design will amuse toddlers and children alike.

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This supermarket clerk playset is made of ABS plastic which is completely safe for the environment and for kids. The set is available in a beautiful pink colour.

Toy supermarket till with cash register, working calculator, microphone, scanner, chip and pin feature, play debit cards, play money and a selection of pretend food. This complete accessory is set for a realistic game. Kids will love mimicking the adults in their lives with the ultimate cash register toy set!

With this set, your kid will learn how to count and add money, give change, and will also develop his communication skills by playing a role-playing game.


  • Material: ABC Plastic
  • Size: 28 x 19 x 14 cm