Car Steering Wheel Simulation with Mount


This steering wheel for kids can be attached to the car seat to make your little one feel like a real driver!

The toy can be easily fixed to the headrest of the front seat by two large plastic clips and it has 3 adjustable height options. The toy provides entertainment for young children sitting in forwarding car seats, allowing infants to imitate the actions of the driver.

The toy features the steering wheel and gearshift, with sounds and lights for development and entertainment on the road, car sounds, interesting melodies and clicks, large mirrors that protect babies.

The toy helps develop infant motor skills, feelings, imagination, and teaches infant causality. And it can help your baby develop sophisticated motor skills by turning the wheel and gear lever and pressing the action button.


  • Material: Cotton, ABC Plastic
  • Size: 43 x 11.5 x 23 cm

Car Steering Wheel Simulation with Mount


Car Steering Wheel Simulation with Mount