Camouflage RC Airplane


Multifunctional powerful aircraft. Easy to аly, easy to control, super stable slow speed flying, good for a beginner.

Combination of static model and dynamic aeroplane. Scale and vivid details are recreated with panel lines, machine guns and air intake. The hard surface of the lightweight fuselage design was realized.

4 channel full function radio controlled by aileron, elevator, rudder, throttle. 3 blade propeller to enhance scale realism. A plastic transparent canopy on the main wings.

Powerful high torque 2400 KV brushless motor with 20A brushless ESC, 2S 7.4 V 650 mAh 20C hi-capacity Li-poly battery and 3-blade propeller provide super strong power.

Big battery box for the optional battery to achieve better performance and longer flight time.



  • Wing Span: 700 mm
  • Length: 550 mm
  • Weight: 310 g