Easter Bunny Elf with Egg


These Easter gnomes will not only serve as a perfect decoration for your home but also a great toy for your little one. Thanks to their striking design, these gnomes are very popular with children.

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Each faceless doll comes with a white beard and pink ears. It has a wire in the ears so you can shape them to fit the way you like.

A stable and lightweight base enables multiple-use locations such as tables, sofa, bookcases, shelves, mantels, and bottle tops. Great additions to your home decor in the spring season.

Unique design and the perfect size – the design of these Easter bunny gnomes compromises classic elements of easter like a bunny, brightly coloured eggs, look perfect next to your favourite Easter decorations. The spring gnomes are 45 centimetres tall from the top of the hat to the base.



  • Material: Acrylic, Polypropylene Cotton
  • Size: 45 cm