Baby’s Sleep Animal Electronic Projector


Calm and soft starry sky projection create a comfortable and quiet sleeping environment for the baby so that the baby can fall asleep quickly. Pleasant musical compositions, various sounds and a projection of the night sky in different colours will definitely please your child!

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Getting newborns and even toddlers to develop good sleep habits is a challenge for many parents. This lullaby plush toy contains 10 please music, a lullaby plays for 20 minutes and contains natural environmental sounds, such as forest, waves, pastoral. Let your child enter a relaxing and soothing sleep.

Baby's Sleep Animal Electronic Projector
Baby's Sleep Animal Electronic Projector

The projection lamp has 4 colours and 1 random colour change mode. The star and moon night light projector cycles between the red, green and blue stars and the moon, attracting the baby’s attention and soothing them to sleep.

The sounder adopts an electronic design and detachable design, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning, and is safer for the baby. The lining can be used alone. This searchlight will be an interesting soft toy and attractive soothing lullaby!


  • Material: Plush, Sponge
  • Size: About 50 cm
Baby's Sleep Animal Electronic Projector