Baby Soothing Rattles


High toys with suction cups combine a variety of fine hand movement training games such as grabbing, pulling, spinning. The baby’s little hands can fully explore and exercise, making the little hands more flexible.

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High toys for babies are made of durable premium ABS plastic with smooth edges and corners, no corner scraps, no flashes, no burrs, smooth and safe, fit the curvature of the baby’s handgrip, and will not hurt the baby.

Different colour patterns are matched to enrich the baby’s visual senses, and the ribbon and fabric design makes the baby’s fingers have a variety of experiences.

Baby rattles set toy is an adorable and entertaining action toy, which encourage baby’s tactile exploration, strengthen fine and gross motor skills, develop hand-eye coordination.

It is a perfect playmate for your baby to eat. Thanks to special suction cups, these toys are securely attached to any surface. Fix the toy on the high chair to attract the baby to play and guide the baby to eat obediently.

Baby Soothing Rattles