Archeology Set with Big Egg and Dinosaurs


Make your child feel like a real archaeologist with this dinosaur digging kit!

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This kit comes with a big dino egg, 14 different dinosaur toys inside and allows chisels, soil blocks, hammers and brushes. Use the tool to dig up the eggs to get the dinosaurs out. And there are 12 full-colour dinosaur learning cards with information on each dinosaur and a picture reference sheet to match toys to the name cards. Find a T-rex, Dilophosaurus, Ankylosaurus and much more! Really helpful for the kids to learn it.

You don’t know where exactly the dinos are in the block, dig it up dinosaur egg and suddenly coming across a dinosaur made your kids feel like they had really made a big discovery! And it’s a really good way to develop and improve their attention, hand on ability and so on.