Making Bathtime Fun for Babies and Toddlers

Studies have shown that bath time is critical for your little one’s cognitive and emotional development. All the senses that are engaged during this special time encourage their brain to really focus and pay attention.

⁣⁠The feel of the water on their skin, watching water pour and drain, playing with bubbles, smelling soothing scents, and most importantly, the time for touch. Experts have also found that baths can de-stress and relax your baby to promote a good night’s sleep. ⁣

Bath time is a fun way to wind down and get your little one squeaky clean, but it’s also great for her development. Take a look at several ways splashing in the tub supports bonding, brain development and just give your child a fun pastime and pleasure from the process!

Tips to Make Bathtime More Fun



Choose the Best Toys – There are a ton of bath toys on the market, but the top ones help a baby learn while she plays. For example, plastic cups in a variety of sizes encourage pouring, filling and dumping, while a set of floating sea creatures allows for imaginary play, language practice and counting skills.


Bring on the Bubbles – You can blow and your child can pop; once she’s a bit older you can switch jobs. A variety of wands lets your baby explore the concepts of big and small (not to mention high and low and fast and slow). Narrate as you go, and she’ll soon learn the words “float” and “pop.”


Make it Foamy – Add some tear-free foam soap or bubble bath to the water and you’ve got the makings for some excellent beards, moustaches and more!


Try Bath Books – Yup, there are plastic-coated bath books that are ideal for reading in the water. Choose ones that match the scene, such as tales about ocean creatures, boats or mermaids.


Introduce Textures – Bathtime is a great opportunity to tickle your little one’s senses with new textures, such as a bath sponge, a wet washcloth, a dry towel and shaving cream.


Throw a Puppet Show – Got a bath mitt? Insert your hand into this little terry pocket and create a talking creature to entertain your baby.


Bathtime Activities for Toddlers



Hit the Wall – Where else can your toddler scrawl on the walls than the bathroom’s tile? Just give her the tools she needs and watch the creativity explode. Options include soap crayons, bathtub finger paints and markers, reusable stickers and foam shapes that stick when wet.


Foster a Fantasy – Your tub can become a pirate ship sailing the high seas or a fishing vessel trawling for the next big catch. Stories can make bathtime fascinating, so break out your best water-themed tales and encourage your little one to imagine along with you.


Swap in Real Toys – Bath toys lose their lustre after a while, so consider all other plastic playthings in your child’s room for a change. Army men, plastic animals and dolls are safe in the water and most float!


Bathtime is the best time for babies and toddlers. They have your undivided attention in a wonderland filled with bubbles, toys and more.

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