6 Benefits of Buying Your Child a Dollhouse

There are so many amazing and wonderful toys on the market, selecting one to buy for a child can be mind-boggling. Different toys offer different benefits, and not all of them are obvious at first glance. This article highlights the many advantages of buying a dollhouse, a toy that has both stood the test of time and been embraced worldwide.


A Dollhouse Enables Open-Ended Play

A dollhouse is a blank canvas that provides infinite opportunities for children to explore their world in miniature. The fun is unlimited, the game is never over. A dollhouse keeps children engaged for hours, freeing up time for parents to enjoy.

Modern dollhouses are often decorated in colours strongly orientated towards girls, and boys can feel awkward engaging with such stereotyped toys. Choosing a neutral or unisex house will encourage children to add their own personal touches and allow for more interactive playtimes.


A Dollhouse Improves a Child’s Social Skills

Roll play enables children to learn about and understand family dynamics. Re-enacting scenes in a dollhouse (often as the parent) helps children learn to express and then manage feelings of anger, frustration, anxiety, anticipation, excitement and love in a safe and controlled environment.

A dollhouse is a large toy that usually comes with a variety of inclusions, making it possible for children to learn to play together. At first, children may just play side by side, but over time they will understand that some activities are much more fun when two people take part.



A Dollhouse Develops a Child’s Mental and Manual Skills

Allowing a child to decorate and furnish a dollhouse, is a great way to build creative confidence. Because dollhouses require the placement of small items in confined spaces, they are excellent for developing fine motor skills. Tucking a 5cm doll into bed, without knocking over all the other furniture, requires great hand-eye coordination.

As children get older, they will learn to use their imagination to develop complex scenarios. Children become proficient storytellers when playing with a dollhouse. A dollhouse will develop creative confidence, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, imagination, storytelling.


A Dollhouse Provides Educational Advantages

The dollhouse remains one of the most popular toys amongst parents because as children play, they learn important lessons that are difficult to assimilate from the 2-dimensional world of screens and books.

From a very young age, a dollhouse will help children work out the correct way to stand a chair and the best place to put a wardrobe so the door can open. They will learn about the three dimensions and scale and proportion. These are all key skills required to do well in maths and science subjects at school. Playing with a dollhouse improves orientation, spatial awareness, three dimensions, scale and proportion.



A Dollhouse Reduces Time Spent on Screens

What parent hasn’t worried about the amount of time their children are spending on screens? Time spent online, engaging with social media, playing digital games and watching television soon adds up, and it can be difficult to find activities that compete for a child’s attention. Children love a dollhouse because, just as with screen time, in this miniature world, they remain totally in control of what happens next. That sense of control often plays out with the child adopting the role of the ‘parent’.


A Dollhouse Provides Excellent Value for Money

While a dollhouse may seem like a big investment, it is important to weigh up the cost of the toy against the number of years a child will enjoy playing with it. Kids from three to thirteen years will enjoy furnishing and decorating a dollhouse. The level of engagement and nature of activities undertaken, increases in complexity as a child matures.

Over time, children learn new skills as they begin to make their own dollhouse inclusions. (It is interesting to note that many adults still love doing up dollhouses.)



The Key Benefits of Purchasing a Dollhouse

Will enrich a child’s life for years. Not only will a dollhouse provide hours of fun, but it will simultaneously develop a child’s core mental and manual skills, improve their social skills and build creative confidence. Dollhouses are enjoyed by children of all ages and buying a dollhouse can be a great long-term investment.

When choosing a dollhouse, always look for one that provides the most active engagement.

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